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Our Difference

mcbuildingWe Listen, We Care, and We Put You First!

Our goal is simple, to help you reduce stress and enjoy life. We provide a “holistic approach” to Wealth Management. We use a Three-Step Process. First, we look at your entire financial picture, not just one piece of the puzzle. Second, working with you and with your goals in mind, we customized a financial game plan that is uniquely yours. In sports, a winning head coach not only develops a game plan but must also be prepared to make adjustments during the game. This also holds true in the game of life. Our job is to be your Personal Wealth Coach, to lead you to financial success. The third part of the process is to provide ongoing consultations and adjustments.

Our core strength is working with your other professionals, Estate Attorneys, CPAs, Insurance Agents, Banks etc. to ensure everyone on your financial ship is paddling in the same direction. We deliver exceptional care and attention. By listening before acting, we provide advice that anticipates and responds to your unique requirement.

Our Ideal Client wants to enjoy life and understands the value of working with professionals… Less Stress, More Enjoyment. New Clients must believe in long-term relationships. We are quite prepared to earn the relationship, but we will not take on a client who has a short-term perspective.