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December 13, 2011

DREAM Christmas 2011

This holiday season Circle Financial Planning has teamed up with local non-profit DREAM Alive, Inc., to provide a unique group of local Indianapolis businesses, schools, students, and families a Christmas of their “dreams!”

Rather than tell you in our own words what this “DREAM Christmas” event is all about, we would love to show you what others are saying about this event.  Below are links to other websites about our event that we encourage you to check out.  You’ll notice that many Indianapolis local news outlets have provided coverage of this event, and there is even a special article located on the Indianapolis Colts website about “DREAM Christmas.”   See how Circle Financial Planning is investing beyond the market.

Links about “DREAM Christmas” sponsored by Circle Financial Planning:

–          The Indianapolis Colts feature on DREAM Christmas

–          The Indianapolis Star feature on DREAM Christmas

–          The DREAM Alive Inc., Official Website

We look forward to sharing our experience and highlights of the event with you soon!