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May 16, 2014

Market Month: June 2014

t1 Top 10 Tax Breaks You’ll Miss in 2014
While it’s possible that Congress could retroactively extend some or all of these ten provisions, you’ll have to evaluate your 2014 tax situation based on the fact that they’re no longer available.More Details
t2 Personal Finance Tips for New Graduates

You’ve marched along to Pomp and Circumstance and collected your diploma–now you are ready to finally head out on your own.

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t3 Financial Choices: College, Retirement, or Both?

It’s the paramount financial conflict many families face, especially as more couples start having children later in life. Should you save for college or retirement? The pressure is fierce on both sides.

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t4 Are con artists adopting trendy twists on old scams?

Con artists may base scams on trendy topics or threats, but they still use old-school techniques to try to get important information or money.

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t5 What is duration, and why should I pay attention to it?

If you have bond holdings in your portfolios, you may want to pay attention to duration to gauge the potential impact if and when interest rates rise.

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