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May 7, 2014

Market Month: May 2014



15 Facts about Social SecurityIt’s easy to take Social Security for granted when retirement is years away, but it’s likely that this program will play a role in your financial future, perhaps even sooner than you think. Here are some facts and statistics from the Social Security Administration that highlight why Social Security is important to so many people.Read more
 22 Tips for Traveling AbroadBefore you take off on an international adventure, consider that a little preparation and a few precautions can help prevent a lot of unexpected headaches.Read more
 33 Saving for the Future: Start Now or Start Later? No matter how you save to reach a future goal, there is an advantage to putting your savings and earnings to work for you as early as possible.Read more
 44 My parents can’t manage alone anymore. What should I do?Are one or both of your parents are having health problems, suffering mental lapses, or just slowing down with age? The problem may not go away or get better, but there are several ways you can deal with it.Read more
 55 What is an assisted-living facility, and how do I choose one?As you grow older, your housing needs may change. An assisted living facility is one housing option available for older individuals.Read more