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March 29, 2009

Why Do You Need An Independent Wealth Coach?


1. An Independent Wealth Coach. . . may help you increase your investment results.

A 10 1/2 year study of investments made over 5,000 Mutual Funds conducted by DALBAR Financial Services (ending May 31, 1995) illustrates why. Investors who used an Independent Financial Planner outperformed those who didn’t by over 17% in their equity fund investments and approximately 21% in their fixed income fund investment.

2. An Independent Wealth Coach . . . analyzes how changing conditions affect you.

Financial publications like to show lists of hot investments to buy now. But those recommendations change frequently. Whose list should you believe?

With a professional on your side, you can gain an understanding of how changing economic and market conditions affect your particular situation. So when you do make a change in your investment portfolio, there’s a logical reason behind it.

Which would you prefer? The personalized services of an Independent Financial Planner who you know and trust? Or generalized information from a journalist?

3. An Independent Wealth Coach . . . takes the time to understand you and your goals.

An Independent Financial Planner makes it his or her business to learn who you are, where you are with your investment program and where you want to go. From this “getting to know you” process, your planner can offer customized strategies for retirement planning, increasing after tax yields, funding your children’s education, and planning for your parents financial needs in their later years.

4. An Independent Wealth Coach. . . helps make investing more convenient.

What does it take to develop a personalized investment program, monitor your investments, and keep track of all the paperwork, too? More time than your busy schedule may allow.

Your Independent Financial Planner offers a professional approach to your customized investment program that may not demand a lot of work or time on your part… and a level of knowledge that may be difficult for you to achieve on your own.

5. An Independent Wealth Coach. . . can recommend funds that fit your needs.

Many investments offer professional management, diversification and liquidity. But how do you choose which investment will be suitable for you?  Your Independent Financial Planner can help you see how well an investment objectives, track record and management style match your specific needs and goals. You owe it to yourself not to overlook any potential investment opportunities. Your Independent Financial Planner can help you make your investment decision an informed one.

6. An Independent Wealth Coach. . . works to deliver information while it’s still timely.

By the time important investment news reaches the financial media, it may lose its value for the average investor.

An Independent Financial Planner can let you know about an opportunity while it still is an opportunity. That’s because they’re supported by a team of analysts who have access to the latest research data. When you choose an Independent Financial Planner, you put a team of investment professionals on your side. The team: your consultant’s broker/dealer. They offer ongoing research capability and advice.

7. An Independent Wealth Coach. . . helps you decide how to allocate your assets.

Owning just one investment isn’t always the best strategy. Diversifying your investment among a number of different asset classes can help reduce overall risk.

Two asset classes? Five asset classes? What percentage of your investable dollars do you put in the asset classes? In domestic versus international?

8. An Independent Wealth Coach can make recommendations on a completely independent basis.

What difference does independence make? An Independent Financial Planner can offer a myriad of investment options from a wide variety of money managers. A Financial Planner is only truly independent if his or her firm does not offer any proprietary products; and the firm is not owned or controlled by a financial services company that produces insurance or investment products. This independence means that the recommendations made by your Financial Planner will be without any undue influence that can occur with planners who act on behalf a product supplier.